How it works

At Beehives market we love buying local and authentic products!

We created this marketplace to reconnect farmers to people who want fresh food in their kitchens without the headache to go to several places for shopping.

How does it work?

Sales are re open every Sunday. You have until Thursday 10 am to place your order for the next pick up.

Once you passed an order you will receive a confirmation order. Print it or keep it in your phone.

We will have your orders ready for pick up every Saturday between 1pm and 3pm. Just show your confirmation order.

Pick ups are at our partner's location My French Recipe.

3033 W parker road S203 Plano Texas

Here is a little recap:

  1. Pass an order before Thursday 10am.
  2. Get excited for your fresh and local products.
  3. Pick up between 1pm and 3pm.

Easy peasy!

Ready to order fresh food? It's this way!